What is iRacing?

iRacing is a racing simulator backed by a organized competition structure. In one hand it replicates the dynamics of racing cars and their environment (laser scanned tracks, dynamic weather, dynamic track surface, live telemetry…) and on the other, delivers a continuous organized competition for different license levels over an anual calendar divided in 4 seasons. Nowadays, the best online competitions are on iRacing, where generally, people take it very seriously and professional drivers use the platform to practice. Organizations like SRO Blancpain, NASCAR, IMSA, MAZDA, VLN, Indycar, Skip Barber School, V8 Supercars, etc… have their online competitions within the iRacing ecosystem. If you want to know a bit more, just watch this video.

Personally I am amazed by the quality of service and the pleasure to race at any hour knowing that people will take it seriously (there are exceptions like everything, of course). The downside for many is spending money on content, you dont need to buy every car/track to enjoy, you will still have to buy a bunch of tracks to race a 12 week season, but I can tell its really worth it!. For me that’s not a downside, depends on what you want to spend on life, but 14$ for a licensed professional topographic job with laser scanning tech? i’m in, we need all tracks like that!. Also, if you race enough over a year, you can get 40$/every year and then the yearly subscription will be 9$!.

If you arrived to this paragraph, you may be interested on the iRacing world, and if you are, consider yourself lucky because I have a special offer for new members! iRacing and GoProLopez partnered together to bring you a 3 month promo code for 10$, actually cheaper than the 50% official website offer, if you can jump the challenge….it’s a good time to be a simracer.